The Loaf of Barley, The Bride of Christ



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The Songs- The Treasure of Solomon SONGS “THE HOLY OF HOLIES”

Jewish Rabbis regard the Songs of Solomon as the most Holy Book, they consider it to be the Holy of Holies. They believe that Solomon represents God, the bride is Israel and His passionate love for her.

Solomon a type of Jesus

This study examines the brides, the drawing forth of the bride, the order of events following the catching away and marriage. There is a chronological order and pattern to the Songs that uncovers the ministry of the bride. Each hidden word has an extraordinary meaning behind it!

THE SONGS READ AT PASSOVER: The Song is often interpreted as an allegorical representation of the relationship of God and Israel, or for Christians, God and the Church or Christ and the human soul, as husband and wife. According to Jewish tradition, it is read on the Sabbath that falls during the intermediate days of Passover. In the Sephardi community it is recited every Friday night. 1

Solomon’s name means peace, his bride the Shulamite is the feminine meaning of Solomon and means peace also. (Mr. and Mrs. Peace or King and Queen of Peace)

TRADITIONALLY SCHOLLARS HAVE BELIVED THE CAST OF CHARACTERS OF THE SONGS TO BE THREE: Solomon the Bride and the Daughters of Jerusalem. This study uncovers more brides, and more characters will unfold as we examine each chapter. I believe there are some real surprises that are best left to unfolded with each new chapter or study.

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