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 Welcome to The Bride of Christ!

I created this site primarily to post my studies on, but also so I could share my studies with family and friends and other students of the word.

Most of the church is asleep, they do not know what hour we are in, it is the bridal primping hour!! We all need to be making sure  that we are doing everything to be the prepared bride for his soon return. I am deeply concerned for family and friends who are focused on everything else but HIM. What can I do, what can we do. I want to shake them, and say "do you get that his return could be any day??!!" Sure many of them agree yes his return is near, and they listen and they continue to do what they always do and listen for a few minutes and agree and then flip the channel and start talking about whatever the weather, the latest news .... but not about HIM.

The bride will be thinking about the groom 24/7, and going back and forth with others about him night and day. The bride will be making sure that they have a clean repentant heart, and the bride will be in the word and in HIM many hours a day. The bride llives and breathes Jesus; she walks with him talks with him through out the day.

"The word" and the bride will become one, Jesus is the word. The bride may appear to be a fanatical, a zealot to the world  and too friends, family  and others because the bride is consumed in him, his word and his appearing. Praise God if they call you a zealot!

So if you are feeling a bit odd, then I want you to think of some other odd guys, try Noah who built an ark for years and was ridiculed the entire time. Or how about Joseph thrown in the pit and then sold by his brothers then in prison for some time? Or Ezek. laying on his side for days on end and eating cakes over dung, John the B. how would you like to be eating locust and honey and likened to a wild man, I think you get my point I could go on and on. If you feel odd, or look odd, just know that you can be counted and numbered with the greats!!!


 Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors. Proverbs 8:34


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Reply ProdigalSon
4:49 PM on July 9, 2010 
I find myself speaking up, pointing out where we have fallen asleep with, and face different responses, some of them clearly with me, others, against.

If we are to remain silent, we are condoning the irreverence, if we speak up, we are labeled judgmental. In the end though, this is man's perspectives, only our Lord knows what is going on in our hearts, and it's clear, too often we don't want to be true to ourselves.
Reply lora Guthrie
12:26 AM on March 9, 2010 
One day last fall, I was looking at God; Biblical Holy Calendar, I saw Month 1 and 2 and tears started rolling down my face, I saw that there was a window or a door that was open during those months, which happen to be during his appointed Feasts, the Feast of Weeks. The tears that poured forth was realizing how amazing it was and the revelation that came with it, but also tears because I did not belive I would be able to put all these clues toghter on my own, I prayed that he would send someone to help me, He did, the HOly Spirit, the clues poured forth in just a matter of weeks, starting on Jan 3, it was a horrible day, I belive I was under attack and going throug a tremendous trial. But, I kept focus on his word, he fed me and led me through the clues. They are his work, not mine. Any mistakes that may be in it our mine, not his.
All glory to him in all things!!
Reply JE
6:39 PM on March 6, 2010 
This is such an incredible study!

Did the Lord reveal this to you in pieces or all at once? Just curious because I have never heard a word like this and it makes so much sense. :)